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TRI-TEMP REFRIGERATION, INC. offers our customers numerous service options for their stores. From commercial to supermarket refrigeration installation we have been a top service company for 30 years. If you are looking to have your refrigeration or ice machines serviced within your timeline and price point we urge you to contact us today. Below you can view a comprehensive list of services we provide.


    Demand Service:

  • We respond to the current problem and repair the equipment.
  • Preventative Maintenance:

  • Along with demand service we do routine maintenance on the store to keep the equipment running at its best. This can be scheduled to suit the customers individual needs.
  • Store Survey:

  • We survey the store and prepare recommendations to upgrade, replace or repair the equipment. All this is done within the customers time frame and budget.
  • Budget Maintenance:

  • We make repairs as needed and work within the customers budget to keep the store operating and running efficiently.
    Tailor Made:

  • Tell us what you would like and we’ll design a
    program to fit your needs. Our technicians are refrigeration specialists. We also hold regular training programs to discuss procedures and new technology. We have implemented many standard maintenance checks for each service call to prevent future problems, they will also report any additional work that may be needed in the near future.
  • Our service managers are in constant touch with your maintenance department. They will notify you of needed and costly repairs. We also do a monthly budget analysis on the store for service problems and costs.
  • We can design a service program to fit your needs.

    Refrigeration Installation/Texas, Louisiana & New Mexico

    Our installation department handles all types of refrigeration requirements.
    New Stores:

  • We do a total installation of all equipment, coolers, walk-in freezers, self-contained units, ice-machines,start-up, and warranty maintenance. We work for the customers directly and for general contractors.
  • Remodels:

  • We can do any type of store remodel that you require.
  • Walk-in freezer and cooler installations
  • Refrigerant conversions

Convenience Stores

  • Install walk-in coolers, cases, refrigeration equipment
  • Service refrigeration and ice-machines


Energy Management Systems / Electrical

Sales, installation and service of a low cost supermarket monitoring system which is simple to install and manage. There is no internet needed and alarms can be texted, viewed, and managed from any internet enabled phone, tablet, or computer. For more information on this monitoring system please visit We also install and service Novar, Micro Thermo, CPC and RDI systems.

Equipment Sales

We can provide all you equipment needs for Supermarket and Industrial applications.

Authorized Service Provider

True Manufacturing and Zero Zone Service Provider


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